Monday, July 5, 2010

Don't know whether to :-) or :-(

A guest had come home & wanted to go to Tirupati. The atheist that I am, I responsibly explained the futility in believing in such kiddish ideas. But others just wanted to oblige that request & NOT WANTING TO LEAVE ME ALONE AT HOME (I was not in a good mood) they asked me to come along. Fine then, I thought I'll use this as one more opportunity to educate and win a few people back into the rational fold & free these victims of childhood indoctrination off their delusions.

I took my car & drove. Tried to enjoy the drive.. Swerving at >110 KMPH, etc was thrilling & honestly, I didn't mind one bit the dangers & inherent risk to my life; but then I realized that I should not endanger the lives of others in the car for my whims! Slowed down to acceptable speeds. A unique experience for me- Listening to the audio track alone while all others were watching a movie (Obviously, you can't drive & watch the movie simultaneously!) Without knowing what's happening, who are the characters, etc. I was just trying to enjoy the music & songs by A.R.Rahman.

Reached there in about a li'l less than 3 Hours. It was funny how ultimately ONLY the guest & my granny went into the temple :-) The rest of the people understood the irrationality of the entire thing & opted to stay back till the two gullible & credulous believers (the guest & my granny) went in to take "DARSHAN" and "PRAY". The rest of us were promoting the OutCampaign.Org right in the "holy town", through the decal in my car. :-)

I just recalled a version of the story of the presiding god of Tirumala. As per this version, his wife gets separated from him and stays down below at Tirupati. It's supposed to be that she will reunite with him the day no devotee comes to visit him.

And then I mused to myself,
"Boy, oh boy! How happy & eager people are to separate a married couple!" :-( Why don't people just stop flocking to this temple & let the man & his wife enjoy some marital bliss??!!! :-)

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  1. Similarly, Lord Ayappa is waiting to be married. His lover is waiting below his mountain temple. He had told that he will marry her only when kallasamis (those who put ayappa malai for the first time) stop coming to the temple.