Monday, November 22, 2010

God's Death Anniversary! Let's celebrate...

Hey, unbeknown to you yourself, are you yet another of those poor victims of relentless brainwashing since childhood (when you had a very impressionable mind) who continues to BELIEVE in a god??!!! The same god, who (you unwittingly assume and nonchalantly & confidently assert that) “CREATED” everything! Then this news is for victims like you…

November 24th is the DEATH DAY of all “CREATOR” gods ;-) 

November 24th in 1859 is when Charles Darwin, arguably the greatest scientific thinker ever, finally published his “ON THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES BY MEANS OF NATURAL SELECTION, OR THE PRESERVATION OF FAVOURED RACES IN THE STRUGGLE FOR LIFE.” With this, the need for the idea of a god was eliminated & all CREATOR gods were put to rest & shut in a coffin, so to say… Every subsequent progress in science & knowledge has been driving another nail into the coffin of god ;-)

So, let go of all gods and other silly kiddish superstitions from the ancient times of ignorant nomads.

Remember, knowledge is empowering. Learn how the universe came about, about how life forms arose & evolved into the impressive diversity, etc. Feel liberated.

Also, PLEASE read about all the different CREATION MYTHS from all around the world from all the cultures. It’ll be hilarious.

This will hopefully encourage you to BEGIN TO THINK CRITICALLY about your own version of creation myth that your parents/other authority figures would have indoctrinated you with, since childhood.
You too will then begin to say & encourage others to say, “I SEE NO REASON OR EVIDENCE TO BELIEVE IN ANY GOD!”
PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD… 24th November ain’t too far away!

And finally, as a parting shot, check out this site for a very brief & yet comprehensive account:

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